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FIC: a photograph dream on the getaway mile

(harry/louis, 4.2k, m)

it’s been a few days since he’s left his room. it’s not that he doesn’t like being out and about per se; it’s just that he doesn’t like being out and about. so he usually grabs what he’ll need for a few days and returns to his solitude where the walls won’t ask questions and the eyes of his bedspread won’t wander.

(or an au where running away never sounded so sweet) 

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“Oh! I’ve never eaten there but I go there a lot!” and then he leaned in towards me and was like “mostly for my nightly scotch!” [x]

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Favourite People → Chris Colfer

I think I just want to leave my mark in some way. I hope I leave the world a better place than it was when I came, and I think the best way I can do that is through acting and writing, and hopefully it will make a difference someday.

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favorite books  The Fault in Our Stars

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all i see is 


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Tina in Blaine’s bedroom makes me literally go all NOOOOO.


Oh My God, best use of that gif EVER.

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My favorite thing about this clusterf*ck is how Blaine literally has no idea that Tina wants to blow his whistle. He’s that guy who lives in a bubble of his own handsome affability, just chasing an old lady down the road to tell her she dropped a hundred-dollar bill and having the old lady go, “Aw, just keep it.” And the pad thai driver showing up with his favorite meal even though he didn’t order it and telling him, what the heck, it’s on the house. And H&M always having just one more sold out shirt in his size back in the store room. And, “We don’t usually let people into the habitats to cuddle with the baby panda bears, Mr. Warbler, but I guess for you we can make an exception.” So when Tina gives him a handmade care package because she just senses that he’s sick, that’s the kind of serendipity Blaine calls “Tuesday.”




Blaine Anderson vs. Darren Criss - Don’t Stop Me Now (dance off)

oh the leaky feels


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